Jeff Anderson 01WSInfill: Skinny Houses, Duplexes, Garage Suites and Garden Studios:

Major changes to city bylaws in many municipalities are favoring infill housing.

Cities are increasingly land locked.  Edmonton is one of those cities.  On a map Edmonton looks like it could expand all the way to the mountains in the west, and Lake Winnipeg in the east, but the reality is quite different.

Acreages, and smaller towns, or cities, are creating a barrier to expansion.  Edmonton has few available options for annexing, and growth.  One way to combat this is through infill.

What Edmonton has done is make any 50 foot lot in mature neighborhoods eligible for subdividing.  This creates an opportunity for skinny houses.  The skinny houses under construction in these pictures are 17′ wide by 56 feet long. These are over 19oo sq ft.  Plus they have a roof top patio, and a comfortable basement.  This gives close to 3800 sq feet of total usable space for the occupants.

Skinny houses are perfect for our Cocoon Structural Insulated panels.

Some key advantages are:

  • No risk of fire during construction
  • Faster construction than traditional materials
  • Engineered plans and inspection
  • Construction site is clean
  • Less noise during construction
  • Fewer trades to coordinate.



This foundation took 1.5 days to install, as did the one beside it.  The joists for the main floor were able to be completed immediately after.


Each panel installed in approximately 15-20 minutes.  Each window and door opening is fabricated at the plant.  Each panel is labeled and stacked in the order that you will build your house. Grab the next panel and go!