There is not a more convenient and strong foundation than Cocoon Structural Insulated Panels.

We supply foundations for homes, crawl spaces, garages, shops, RTM homes, and more.

Foundations require only a solid smooth footing, and then they go up quickly. Here you can see how we place the panels using a heel toe method, they fall right into place, and then are leveled, plumbed and fastened.

This will be a two story home with a SIP roof.  The foundation was installed by our team at Innovative working with the home owner in 1.5 days!



Most foundations can be completed and ready for joists in less than 2 days. The two foundations pictured here were completed in 3 days total. JAS_7375-1024x678


Some choose to have only the foundation in panels, and then the rest of the house conventional: this home is on a beautiful lot in the Edmonton community of Pleasantview.  That pile of dirt you see is in the garage, we have a 4 foot sip wall as the foundation for the garage, and then the rest of the home has a 9 foot basement.  This home will be finished on the top floors with conventional framing.