Our primary product is the Cocoon Structural Insulated Panel.  We are proud to be a distributor for this revolutionary building product. We are working hard developing the best systems to use Cocoon panels in.

Faded Stack of PanelsStructural Insulated Panels or SIPs, are building blocks to an efficient and green home or other building project. Combining SIP technology with MgO boards as we do enhances the qualities of SIPs even further.  MgO is Magnesium oxide.  It is the base ingredient to the board that we use in our panel, it is excellent structurally.

Using MgO SIPs you will benefit from:

  • No rotting, mold, or mildew
  • Fire protected walls
  • Quick build time
  • Integrated vapour barrier
  • Superior insulation
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • An engineered home or building project


To get started on your SIP project we can help you through a simple process:

  1. Drawings and Panelization: We can design or adapt your design to panels with our complete drafting service
  2. Supplying your complete building shell, including foundation, walls, joists, beams windows doors and rafters.
  3. Working with your builder or install team to train them on how to install